Guest of Honour 2016

Guest of Honour 2016

Ofir Drori with chimp

Mr. Ofir Drori

Proud to have Ofir Drori as our special Guest of Honour at the FFN Awards Event on April 15th in Royal Burgers’ Zoo.

Ofir Drori (1976) was one of the winners of the Future For Nature Award 2011. In 2002 he went to Cameroon as an educator, photojournalist and activist, and founded LAGA to fight wildlife crimes. Seven months after its creation, still a small group of local activist volunteers without a donor, LAGA brought about the first ever wildlife prosecution for the whole of West and Central Africa by fighting corruption. Ofir Drori is the author of the book The Last Great Ape, the story of his life and work, and his journey to activism.

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Ofir Drori