Credits: Freek Vonk

Ambassador Dr. Freek Vonk

Future For Nature is proud to have Dr. Freek Vonk as its ambassador since 2014. Freek is a Dutch field biologist and scientist. He is well known for his love for all animals. With his TV programme Freeks Wilde Wereld and theatre shows he teaches many children (and grown-ups) about nature conservation. During one of Freek’s trips to South Africa, Freek was so moved by the dramatic impact of rhino poaching that he decided then and there to establish the No Wildlife Crime foundation to help organisations fight against poaching. Like many of our Future For Nature Winners, he knows how important it is to preserve nature.

“I believe that what Future For Nature does is very special. They hand out awards every year to three young nature conservationists. These young conservationists have so much passion and enthusiasm. They spend so much time and energy on conserving specific animals or nature areas. This award gives them the encouragement and financial means to further develop their plans, which is very important.” – Dr. Freek Vonk

Unfortunately Freek Vonk could not be at the Future For Nature Award Event in 2016 but he shared a personal message with the audience: