Award-Winners to remember and meet again!!

February 23, 2017

Each week, in the run up to our 10th Future For Nature Event, we put some Award-winners on our social media. Just to make sure you remember these great, young conservationists. This week we present 4 Award-winners, starting of with Corneille Ewango from Congo, winner in 2011. A botanist at the Okapi Faunal Reserve in the Congo Basin — won the award for his heroic work protecting it from poachers, miners and raging civil wars. TEDtalk Corneille Ewango.

Remember Manoj Gautam? Founder and Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal. He won the FFN-award in 2015 for his work on river dolphin conservation in Nepal.

Leela Hazzah, Award-winner in 2014, one of the most colourful Award-winners. Leela Hazzah and her group, Lion Guardians, are transforming lion killers into lion protectors in East Africa. Interview with Leela.

Only one year ago he was with us in Arnhem. Thai Van Nguyen from Vietnam. Award winner in 2016, is saving the pangolin, the most trafficked animal in the world,  from extinction with his organisation Save Vietnam’s Wildlife. Find out more about his work and the fragile and very cute pangolin: Lecture about Thai’s work.