FFN Award Winners from the Past

March 16, 2017

Looking back at the work and whereabouts of previous Future For Nature Award winners, we like to represent to you:

Karen Allen. Dugongs are one of the world’s most endangered marine mammals. These gentle giants live in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. Today they number only 250 individuals, who must run the gauntlet of illegal fishing in this marine park – they can drown accidentally in the fishermen’s nets. The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has been helping to protect these Dugongs for the last three years. Here Karen Allen runs the EWT’s Dugong project alongside the park’s 28-strong team of law enforcement officers. She won the FFN-award in 2015  for her work. Bazaruto Dugong Project.

Samia Saïf received the Future For Nature Award in 2013 for her contribution to tiger conservation in the Sundarbans mangrove forest in Bangladesh.

Wietse van der Werf, has a record already of innovative projects, mostly about conservation of endangered fish species. Check them out here: Wietse van der Werf: projects. We were very proud to have him as our Dutch winner in 2016!

Barbara Galetti, a Future For Nature Award winner in 2011, is president of Centro de Conservacion Cetacea, a Chilean NGO dedicated to the conservation of cetacean species and the marine ecosystem. She says the Award is an important recognition of CCC’s achievements throughout the years, such as the Chilean whale sanctuary and the work conducted under the Alfaguara (blue whale) and Southern Right Whale projects. Check out the FFN interview with her here.