Credits: CCC
Award winner 2011
Location: Chile/Peru

Barbara Galetti

Barbara Galetti Vernazzani, a Future For Nature Award winner in 2011, is president of Centro de Conservacion Cetacea, a Chilean NGO dedicated to the conservation of cetacean species and the marine ecosystem. She says the Award is an important recognition of CCC’s achievements throughout the years, such as the Chilean whale sanctuary and the work conducted under the Alfaguara (blue whale) and Southern Right Whale projects. Check out the FFN interview with her here.

More about the project

Conservation of species cannot be achieved in just a few years. It is crucial to conduct long-term projects to monitor the species, create awareness and implement conservation measures.

The conservation status of blue whales (Endangered) and the sub-population of southern right whales of Chile/Peru (Critically Endangered) is a key priority for cetacean conservation in Chile. The southern right whale population of Chile/Peru is one of the most endangered populations of great cetaceans worldwide, and blue whales are a flagship species for marine conservation.

Both the Southern Right Whale and the Alfaguara projects have been recognized as unique and innovative, both in Chile and abroad, due to the integrative approach taken to achieving the main goals of both projects: the conservation and long-term recovery of the populations of these endangered species.

By effectively combining scientific research, coastal community development and the promotion of marine conservation measures at a national and international level, the projects have been able to reach a wide public, informing them about species that were previously unknown to a great majority of the Chilean people. Achieving the long-term conservation and recovery of these giant marine mammals can set an example that biodiversity loss can be reversed.

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