Future For Nature Girls looking for new winners!

Future For Nature Girls looking for new winners!

Application for the Future For Nature Award 2017 is open!

Are you that young woman or man who is dedicating her/his life or career to the conservation of threatened species (animals or plants) or the conservation of nature in general?

Or do you know someone with these qualities, who is too busy to even read the website of Future For Nature?

Please step forward or tip the person in question that should make her/himself known to us. Through the pricemoney (€50.000) of Future For Nature you can grow your network and your influence!! We would very much like to welcome you next year during the 10th Future For Nature Event.

Apply here!

If you might wonder who are those girls? We are the volunteers + projectleader behind the curtains of FFN. The huge statue behind our backs is a statue of a ‘party-aardvark’. It was a gift of Burgers’ Zoo in 2013 to the city of Arnhem. The biggest statue in town.