February 11, 2016

Guest of Honour 2016: Bryan Christy

Bryan Christy: Guest of Honour 2016

Guest of Honour 2016 Bryan Christy

Mr. Bryan Christy

Proud to have Bryan Christy as our special Guest of Honour at the FFN Awards Event on April 15th in Royal Burgers’ Zoo.

Bryan Christy is director of special investigations for National Geographic magazine and was named National Geographic Explorer of the Year in 2014. His work on international wildlife trafficking has been cited as one of ten ways in which National Geographic has changed the world.

In his documentary ‘Warlords of Ivory’, Bryan Christy investigates the increasingly mechanized and militarized slaughter of elephants. In the September 2015 issue of National Geographic magazine, Bryan Christy profiled the people who are profiting or suffering in the central African poaching frenzy.

“The illegal ivory trade is clearly organized crime. The surprising thing is that it’s taken them so long to call it that.”

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