Meet our Award Winners from years ago …

January 28, 2017

Coming up the following weeks to remind you of our 27 passionate Award Winners of former years ánd our Guests of Honour!

We’ll kick of today with Sir David Attenborough, our Guest of Honour in 2009, with this great oneliner: ‘In the end, it is that one individual that has passion, that has fire in the belly, that is determined that something should be done!’ Probably the best oneliner to describe what Future For Nature is all about.

Matthew Shirley (US), winner of last year (2016) and protector of crocodiles and the West-African slender snouted crocodile in particular.

Caleb Ofori Boateng (Ghana), winner in 2014, conservationist in Ghana, protector of the Togo Slippery Frog.

And Patricia Davis (Madagascar), winner in 2012, doing all she can to conserve the dugong in Madagascar National Parks.