181 Major Wildlife Traffickers Arrested in 2018 – Update about Ofir Drori

January 24, 2019

Ofir Drori won the FFN-award in 2011 because of his dedication towards fighting wildlife crimes. In 2002, Ofir founded LAGA (Last Great Ape) to fight corruption within a law enforcement and application process, and his battle is still at a full blast. The LAGA model was such a success, that the EAGLE (Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement) Network is based on it. The EAGLE network is currently operating in nine African countries, and continues to expand. In December a new EAGLE project was launched in Burkina Faso, with a first arrest of two traffickers with big cat skins.

In 2018 alone the EAGLE network, had an amazing total of 181 major traffickers arrested due to their involvement with different wildlife crimes.

One example of a big arrest that took place last December in Senegal. Three traffickers were arrested with more than 500 wildlife skins. This included at least three lions and several leopards that were cut into pieces. Two of the traffickers were arrested in the act with a part of the contraband. This included the head skins of a few lion’s and leopards and 22 calibre ammunition. Their herbs shops were used to cover up their illegal activities. During one of the interrogations, the two traffickers denounced a third trafficker. This trafficker was arrested the same day, in his house, with several skins and contraband.

It is amazing to see that the EAGLE-network is performing so well, and that they keep on expanding. This way, more and more wildlife traffickers can be arrested!