Family Gathering 2022

For the anniversary Award event in 2022, all laureates were invited back to the Netherlands for an FFN Family week. Over 30 FFN winners were
present in The Netherlands for a week of networking, workshops, and sharing their passion for conservation. Some of the workshops were given by the FFN Family members themselves. What better way than to learn from each other!

Jean Thomas gave a well-received workshop about work-life balance, something that is very important yet often missing from dedicated conservation work. Another topic for the week was Volunteers and Students presented by Mohammad Farhadinia and Matthew Shirley. Last but not least, Maggie Muurmans and Inza Koné gave a workshop about Community Engagement, which is often at the heart of effective conservation work.

Conservation experts outside of the FFN Family also pitched in. Mike Hoffman from the Zoological Society of London spoke about the relatively new IUCN Green Status; Prof. Bill Sutherland from the University of Cambridge provided a session on evidence-based conservation; Prof. Hugh Possingham shared his insights on working in conservation from an academic, NGO and government perspective. Additionaly, the FFN Family learned about creative communication, leadership, and organisation and administration.

Connect. Collaborate. Inspire.