FFN Family Funding

Future For Nature (FFN) works to create a global network of outstanding nature conservationists. The network is growing, with three new FFN Award winners joining the FFN Family (of currently 51 conservationists) each year. To increase the support from the Future For Nature Foundation to the growing family of winners, all previous FFN Award winners are eligible to apply for specific types of projects aimed at strengthening collaborations across the network.

Aims of Future For Nature’s Family Funding

  • Project visits Funding for visiting each other’s projects to encourage FFN Award winners to learn from each other by exchanging knowledge and experiences.
  • Collaborations/joint projects Funding to encourage collaborations between FFN Award winners. The funds go towards the realisation of new joint projects.

Please contact us through info@futurefornature.org if you have any questions about the FFN Family Funding programme.

Examples of completed FFN Family Funding projects and visits

Tjalle Boorsma and Gabriel Massocato

Tjalle Boorsma, who protects blue-throated macaws, and Gabriel Massocato, a giant armadillo conservationist, went on an exchange in 2023 to see how they could learn from, collaborate with, and help each other. The main aspect that connects these two species is that both live in the tropical savannas of South America where fire is a recurring threat. Sponsored by the FFN Family Funding, Tjalle and Gabriel visited each other’s conservation project to exchange knowledge about how to prevent, minimise and combat fires.

Maggie Muurmans and Inza Koné

In 2022, Maggie Muurmans and Inza Koné joined forces to develop an inclusive and collaborative method for effectively increasing community engagement and participation in conservation management. Part of this project was funded through the FFN Family funding. While community engagement is an essential component of nature conservation projects, there is a risk that they are not well received by local communities when their values and goals are not aligned. That is why Maggie and Inza studied and tested a co-design process that actively involves collaboration with and participation of local communities. Maggie created a co-designing toolbox, which was tested in the field with the help of Inza in the Ivory Coast. Read more here.

José González-Maya, Fernanda Abra, and Els van Lavieren

José González-Maya, Fernanda Abra, and Els van Lavieren successfully applied for the Family Funding in 2021, for a visit to each of their field sites to investigate potential areas for collaboration. During the summer of 2022, they visited José’s project in Colombia. A comment from Els about the experience: “I learned so much and feel so inspired after spending a week with Fernanda and José and the team of ProCAT in the field. This exchange program is very valuable and will lift FFN’s impact to the next level by working regionally and collaborating on each other’s projects. In early 2023, the group met up in Brazil, to learn more about Fernanda’s road mortality work.

Mohammad Farhadinia and Hana Raza

Mohammad Farhadinia and Hana Raza successfully applied for the Family Funding in 2020. The aim of their project was to set up a Persian leopard conservation and monitoring programme across Iran and Iraq. Within their programme, they set up training and capacity building for local conservation practitioners across both sides of the border on monitoring leopards and mitigating conflict with communities. Additionally, they conducted systematic camera trapping survey to develop baseline status for Persian leopards. All these steps provide information about the wild populations in the region, and ultimately help in the creating of conservation management plans. Read more here.

Since 2020, 13 projects and 7 visits have been granted FFN Family Funding. You can help sustain and perhaps even grow the Future For Nature Family Funding Scheme by making a donation. Thank you!

“Everyone here has done amazing things. But it is FFN that creates this opportunity for us to collaborate, to join forces and achieve a sustainable future.”

Trang Nguyen, FFN Award winner 2018