FFN Family Funding

Future For Nature (FFN) has the ambition to create a network of outstanding nature conservationists all around the globe. This network is carefully selected and supplemented each year with three new FFN Award winners. To increase the support from the Future For Nature Foundation to the growing family of winners, all previous FFN Award winners are eligible to apply for specific types of projects aimed at strengthening the collaboration.

Aims of Future For Nature’s Family Funding

  • To encourage FFN Award winners to learn from each other. For example by visiting each other’s projects in order to exchange knowledge and experience.
  • To encourage collaborations between FFN Award winners, to set up new projects together.

Please contact us through info@futurefornature.org if you have any questions about the FFN Family Funding programme.

“Everyone here has done amazing things. But it is FFN that creates this opportunity for us to collaborate, to join forces and achieve a sustainable future.”

Trang Nguyen, FFN Award winner 2018