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Our incredible Future For Nature Award winners are true heroes for our planet! They form an inspiring community  of wildlife warriors, from over 25 different countries ranging from the most remote rainforests in Papua New Guinea to the highest mountains in Nepal, to the vast savannahs in Kenya and to the rich oceans of the Philippines, these young people are the trailblazers for a future for our nature. Their indomitable spirit, their pure passion and outstanding dedication are so very inspiring that it brings hope.

The FFN winners need you!

You can help, use your qualities and make a difference that matters.

Maybe you are the next Future For Nature champion with your outstanding project in conserving crucial species and intricate ecosystems? You can visit the ‘Apply’ page below!

You or your organization can make a meaningful contribution to true effective and efficient nature conservation by investing in FFN’s network of winners, selected with care by top international conservation experts. Your contribution boosts the impact of these conservationists on the future of nature, making your investment meaningful.

You can give a one-time donation, become a regular FFN Friend, or become a Major Donor. Find out more on the ‘Donate’ page below!

Last, but definitely not least, maybe you have a great passion for nature and wish to develop this enthusiasm with like-minded people? The Future For Nature Academy was founded to achieve this. This uplifting student organisation brings energised and committed students together in the Netherlands, and organises workshops, lectures and all kinds of awesome activities that leave you buzzing with enthusiasm! Find out more on the ‘Future For Nature Academy’ page below!

“As much as these young people are leading the change, and inspiring us with their passion and dedication, they need our help to carry on. This is an incredible opportunity for us all to take a pledge today, this is the day when it begins. Together we are an incredibly powerful force for change.” – Saba Douglas-Hamilton, International Selection Committee