Application and Selection Process FFN Award

June 2020

Step 1: A call for candidates is published on the Future For Nature (FFN) website and Facebook page (June/July)

Step 2: After the deadline of submission (mid-September), the FFN Office sends all eligible applications to the National Selection Committee (NSC). Criteria for eligibility can be found on the Application Criteria Page.

Step 3: The members of the NSC assess the applications of which 6 to 10 candidate nominees are selected.

Step 4: After approval by the Board the nominees are requested to provide further information (written information, photos, video, extended reference statements).

Step 5: The information received from the nominees is sent to the International Selection Committee (ISC). Each ISC member scores the candidates and gives a qualitative evaluation. ISC members are also entitled to oppose the nomination of a specific candidate.

Step 6: Based on averaging the results of the ISC members the FFN Office ranks the candidates.

Step 7: The Board decides on the top three candidates being eligible as a winner of the Future For Nature Award. Subsequently, the Future For Nature Office will communicate to the Selection Committees and to all others concerned about the winners.

Note: In case a member of one the Selection Committees faces a conflict of interest regarding a nominee, he/she is omitted from evaluating this candidate.