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Q: The Future For Nature Award is for individuals. Why not for organizations?

A: First, outstanding conservation achievements, and conservation organizations, often depend on the leadership qualities of individuals. Second, the Future For Nature Foundation wants to use its limited financial means to make a difference, and a financial award often has more added value to individuals than to organizations. The winners are expected to invest their prize in a conservation project of their own choice, and this may be a project that is “owned” by an organization.

Q: The Future For Nature Award is for individuals. Does this mean that candidates working for an organization do not qualify?

A: Any individual can apply, regardless of their formal position or affiliation to an organization. However, the Award is issued only on the basis of the achievements of the individual candidates, not on the basis of the achievements of the organization they work for. We do acknowledge that the success of a team or an organization can be attributed to the achievement of a candidate.

Q: Why is the Award only for species protection and not for nature conservation in general?

A: Our entry to nature conservation is through species protection. The nature conservation outcomes and impacts of species protection efforts are important criteria in the selection of the winners.

Q: You ask for two referee statements. What are the envisaged qualifications for referees?

A: Two referee statements are absolutely critical for a successful application. The referees must be knowledgeable about species protection. Criteria used by the Selection Committee to judge the quality of referees are a good track record in scientific research and/or species protection.

Q: Do I have to be working in a developing country in order to qualify for the Award?

A: No. Candidates from all over the world can qualify.

Q: If my application is not successful, may I re-apply for a subsequent round?

A: As long as the candidate and application meet the criteria you can reapply. You will be required to fill in the latest version of the application form.

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