Future For Nature Academy

Inspired by the Future For Nature (FFN) Award Event in 2016, Wageningen University ecologist Ignas Heitkönig and PhD student Rascha Nuijten founded the Future For Nature Academy (FFN Academy).

The FFN Academy spreads the inspiration and dedication of FFN Award winners and other conservation heroes on to a growing network of students and young graduates across the Netherlands, to fuel this young generation’s passion for nature conservation. They do so by organising varying activities such as guest lectures, documentary evenings and symposia, they create a platform for people to meet, discuss and make plans together for a better future for nature.

For more information please visit their website or stay updated through their Facebook page.

A short introduction movie to the Future For Nature Academy, who they are, why they are so passionate about conservation and how they inspire. This movie was made by one of the Future For Nature Academy members in 2017.

In 2018 when Dr. Jane Goodall visited the Netherlands the Future For Nature Academy organised 7 livestreams of one of her lectures throughout the Netherlands. Plus they created a special book with personal messages which people sent in. This video is response that Dr. Jane Goodall sent to thank the Future For Nature Academy and encourage them to continue their work.