Your donation contributes to true effective and efficient nature conservation and environmental protection by investing in Future For Nature’s (FFN) network of winners, selected with care by top international conservation experts. Your contribution boosts the impact of these conservationists on the future of nature, making your investment meaningful.

Direct Donation

You can also make a direct donation to our bank account:

NL95 TRIO 0338 5541 30 (IBAN) Stichting Future For Nature

Future For Nature (FFN) supports young, talented and ambitious nature conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. We believe in the power of young individuals. Sir David Attenborough stated this perfectly:

“In the end, it is that one individual that has fire in the belly, that one individual that is determined that something should be done.” – Sir David Attenborough, Guest of Honour 2009

Therefore, we select a new generation of nature conservationists worldwide who we believe make the difference. They are natural leaders with a proven track record that inspire and mobilize communities, organisations, governments, investors and the public at large, for the future of nature.

Each year three winners receive the prestigious Future For Nature Award and 50,000 euro. Winning the FFN Award gives them international recognition for their work and opens doors that were previously closed.

The Future For Nature winners form a growing community of dedicated men and women. FFN offers them the opportunity to meet , to exchange experience and knowhow and to learn together in order to continue their fight for nature as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To continue our work we rely on donations and in-kind support. You or your organisation can make a meaningful contribution to true effective and efficient nature conservation by investing in FFN’s network of winners, selected with care by renowned international conservation experts.

“Future For Nature is the gift that keeps on giving.” – Anna Oposa FFN winner 2012

Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI status)

The Future For Nature Foundation has been designated a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI status) by the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst). This means that your donations to our foundation can be fully or partially deducted from your Dutch income tax or corporate income tax. We also do not have to pay taxes on your donations or donations that we make to third parties.