Award Event 2022

March 17, 2022

On Friday May 13th, we will be celebrating the achievements of the Future For Nature Award winner of 2022! Out of more than 250 candidates from all over the world, three inspiring natural leaders in nature conservation were selected. Tiasa Adhya, Gabriel Massocato and Rebecca Cliffe will receive this prestigious nature conservation prize and 50,000 euros per winner for their amazing conservation work. Let’s celebrate together and join our live stream!

Three inspiring young nature conservationists
Indian conservationist Tiasa Adhya (35 years old) committed to safeguarding the fishing cat and its wetland habitat. With the Fishing Cat Project she connects locals, researchers and the government to create a strong network and help secure not only the future of the fishing cat but also for humans dependent on this ecosystem.

Gabriel Massocato (34 years old) is a Brazilian biologist is going to great lengths to a species that was slipping away into oblivion, the giant armadillo. He is fighting fires and training others to create a safe natural environment and prevent the species from going extinct. Gabriel aims for the giant armadillo to become an ambassador for biodiversity.

The British biologist Rebecca Cliffe (31 years old) is passionate about protecting sloths and their tropical forest habitat in Costa Rica. She moved across the world to learn more about the elusive lives of these slow, charismatic creatures. Her Sloth Conservation Foundation she reforest nature, rescues wildlife and reconnects people with the environment.

Future For Nature Guests of Honour
On May 13th 2022 Razan Al Mubarak, newly elected president of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal, European Commission, are the guests of honour and will grace the stage alongside the new winners of the Future For Nature Awards. The warmhearted and wonderful Saba Douglas-Hamilton, chair of our international selection committee, will be the host of this inspiring afternoon.

Join the celebrations!
The FFN Award Event will be live streamed so everyone around the world can be inspired by the stories of this year’s winners and guests of honour. Everyone can virtually join through the livestream below!