Connected to Nature

July 5, 2019

At the 2019 Future For Nature Award event, guests had the opportunity to ask questions to (previous) winners. Maria Fritz submitted a beautiful question for 2019 FFN Award winner Divya Karnad. Read her touching and inspiring answer below.

The Ocean

It is easiest to connect to nature when I am surrounded by nature. I feel most connected when I am by the ocean. There is something about the sea that commands my full attention. In those moments, I live entirely in the present and become aware of all the life around me, from the crabs that pop out of holes in the sand to the seagulls and terns calling. The wind blowing through the wild, spiny vegetation that builds the sand dunes, the spray of the water as it hits the edge of a boat, a huge fish that swims up to investigate who I am – all these things make me realize how deeply connected we are.

We Are Always Connected

It is easy to feel disconnected when focused on our daily tasks, but at no point are we really disconnected from nature. Everything we are and everything we do has an impact on nature, and nature reacts. The most important thing to remember is that our connection with nature is not one way, it is a mutual relationship. When we remember this, we will be more careful about how and what we do.

“Everything we are and everything we do has an impact on nature, and nature reacts.” – Divya Karnad