Future Conservationists in Training!

April 1, 2019

Thai van Nguyen’s (FFN-Award winner 2016) organisation Save Vietnams Wildlife (SVW) is leading the way when it comes to inspiring the next generation about being passionate about wildlife and environmental protection. The children in Vietnam have limited opportunity to connect with nature because of the increasing urbanisation. Aside from this, parents encourage their children to stay safe inside instead of supporting them to go outside and explore the world and all its wonders.

SVW believes that education is the most powerful tool there is in changing the world. Therefore, they have developed a revolutionary school education programme with the aim to raise awareness, form a right attitude towards the protection of the environment and rekindle a love between children and wildlife from a young age. The ‘Valuing Nature in Childhood’-programme is the first ever wildlife education programme that is developed for kindergarten children.

Aside from this programme, they also developed the “Protect the Wildlife we love”-programme and the Recycling Festival. This festival recycles bottles and cans that are no longer in use into beautiful flower pots that can be placed in front of their school and classrooms. By engaging with nature and nature preservation so actively, SVW hopes that the students will help spread nature conservation messages to students and teachers of other schools in Vietnam.

Click here to view the video about and learn more about the ‘Valuing Nature in Childhood’- education programme. Or click here to learn more about Save Vietnams Wildlife!