Credits: Roy Borghouts
Guest of Honour 2016

Ofir Drori

Ofir Drori was a winner of the Future For Nature award in 2011 and an inspiring Guest of Honour in 2016. In 2002 he arrived in Cameroon as an educator, photojournalist and activist. He soon founded the LAGA NGO to fight wildlife crimes. Seven months later LAGA brought about the first ever wildlife prosecution for the whole of West and Central Africa by fighting corruption.

Ofir Drori is the author of the book The Last Great Ape, the story of his life and work, and his journey to activism. LAGA’s influence goes beyond conservation. It has been described by several national ambassadors as “one of Africa’s significant anti-corruption success stories” and has inspired similar activities in policing corruption, child trafficking and human rights issues. Today the LAGA model is consolidated into the EAGLE network working throughout Africa and has achieved more than 1,500 arrests of major wildlife traffickers.

“Future For Nature is about empowering a new generation of activists, that are thinking outside of the box, to catalyse innovation. Future For Nature is valuing passion and understanding that this is what is so needed in conservation today.”
Ofir Drori