Credits: Theo Kruse
Guest of Honour 2015

Prof. David Macdonald

In 2015 David Macdonald was the Guest of Honour at the Future For Nature Awards. David Macdonald stands out as a pioneering and international leader in wildlife conservation over the last three decades. His work has been a revolutionary influence on the development of conservation biology.

David Macdonald is among the few visionary pioneers that prepared the way for the armies of modern conservationists. His catalysing achievement has been the foundation of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Europe’s and the world’s first university-based institute dedicated to biodiversity conservation, and now a world leading centre for research and training. He has done much to popularise biology among the general public. He is known for his documentary films and his popular books, among which Night of the Fox, Running with the Fox and the BBC seven-part series The Velvet Claw.