Improving Women’s Position in Conservation

November 18, 2020

Working in nature conservation is always challenging, and due to differing gender norms and expectations around the world, the challenges women may face are often even greater. Trang Nguyen (Award winner 2018) and her organisation WildAct developed a survey to understand the issues women confront while working in Vietnam’s nature conservation sector.

The outcomes of the survey show an alarming number of issues that women encounter while working in conservation and urgently need to be addressed. Through the Empowering Women in Conservation Program, WildAct works towards a ‘Safer, better and harassment free’ conservation workspace and aims to address the issues that women encounter. They highlight the importance of social diversity because

“Just as in nature, diversity brings resilience. This resilience is what allows organisations to be flexible and to deliver the conservation outcomes we all want and need in an ever-changing world”. – Trang Nguyen, Award winner 2018