New Technology for Improved Conservation

March 22, 2020
Credits: Paul van Nimwegen

The Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA), where Jean Thomas (Award winner 2010) works, introduces new technology and training to the Torricelli Mountains Range Conservation Area. This area is home to the Critically Endangered Tenkile and Weimang Tree Kangaroos, as well as 40% of Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s mammal species and over 50% of its avifauna. TCA has been supporting Indigenous landowners for nearly 20 years to conserve these extraordinary species and enhance livelihoods. The organisation works with 50 villages and employs a considerable number of local people.


In 2019 TCA introduced and started training with the tool SMART – Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool – at the Torricelli Mountains Range Conservation Area. In November 2019, 25 staff members received help in Lumi, Papua New Guinea, from IUCN’s Biopama project. They conducted a training and began collecting data. During this training the 25 staff members learned how to collect field observations with GPS enabled devices, upload data and use SMART to support adaptive management.


SMART is a tool used by many conservationists around the world and allows TCA to import all previous biodiversity data and to collect data more efficiently via an application on mobile phone. TCA’s Research Officers and Rangers field time will now be better assessed. SMART is a platform for Biodiversity in which they can discuss, compare and analyse with other groups such as researchers and universities etc.

“I can foresee that this tool will not only help communities to monitor biodiversity, but will also improve TCA’s institutional reporting and accountability.” – Jean Thomas

Credits: Paul van Nimwegen