Nominees Future For Nature Award 2018

December 1, 2017
Credits: Theo Kruse

At last! The nominees of the Future For Nature Awards 2018 have been selected! After some very tough decisions, we have found 10 conservation heroes! We proudly present to you:

– Trang Nguyen, Vietnam, WildAct
– Paula Gonzalez Ciccia, Argentina, Maned Wolf Conservation Program
– Aristide Takoukam Kamla, Cameroon, African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization – AMMCO
– Felipe Alfonso Cortes, Colombia/Ecuador, Proyecto WASHU
– Adam Miller, USA/Indonesia, Planet Indonesia
– Andrés Valenzuela Sánchez, Chile, ONG Ranita De Darwin
– Santiago Zuluaga, Argentina/Colombia, Proyecto Águila Crestada Colombia PAC
– Murthy Kantimahanti, India, Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society
– Ruthmery Pillco Huarcaya, Peru, Osa Conservation (Conservación Osa)
– Geraldine Werhahn, Austria, Himalayan Wolves Project