Board of Recommendation

The Future For Nature Foundation has an established a Board of Recommendation made up of experts who provide advice when necessary.

  • Drs Karla Peijs, former member of the European Parliament and former Minister and Queen’s Commissioner, and chair of the Board of Recommendation
  • Dr Nout Wellink, former president of De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Drs Hemmo Muntingh, nature conservationist and former member of the European Parliament and the Board of the Future For Nature Foundation
  • Dr Frans de Waal, biologist and primatologist, well-known for his research on the behaviour of apes
  • Mr Diederik Laman Trip, former Chairman of the Board of ING Netherlands. Chair NL Financial Institutions, Member Dutch Board of Entrepreneurship
  • Dr Jane Goodall, one of the topmost influential women in the world. She lived among chimpanzees for several decades and travels on average 300 days each year to give lectures all over the world
  • Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who launched his study of the African elephant in the 1970s and has meanwhile grown into a world authority in this field. Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton was one of the first individuals to alert the world to the huge increase in illegal elephant hunting and poaching for ivory