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Future For Nature Foundation

The Board of the Future For Nature (FFN) Foundation is supported by FFN Team in its day-to-day work. The Foundation also has a National and International Selection Committee, a Board of Recommendation, a worldwide network of 500 young nature conservationists and about 100 supporters of Future For Nature. Future For Nature also has several Major Donors. 


Besides its general management duties, the Board is responsible for all the Foundation’s activities. The Board nominates the members of the International Selection Committee, verifies the Award selection process and oversees the Award event.

National Selection Committee

Out of all applicants Future For Nature receives annually, the National Selection Committee selects a maximum of ten nominees.

International Selection Committee

The International Selection Committee consists of internationally renowned nature conservationists. The Committee selects candidates for the Future for Nature Award and proposes winners to the Board.

Board of Recommendation

The Future For Nature Foundation has established a Board of Recommendation, consisting of:

Future For Nature Team

The Future For Nature Team is responsible for organizing the application process, providing administrative support to the Selection Committees, organizing the Award Event, carrying out public relations and communication activities, fundraising, supporting the FFN Community and learning network, and setting up and administering partnerships.

Future For Nature Academy

The FFN Academy spreads the inspiration and dedication of FFN Award winners and other conservation heroes on to a growing network of students and young graduates across the Netherlands, to fuel this young generation’s passion for nature conservation. They do so by organizing varying activities such as guest lectures, documentary evenings and symposia, they create a platform for people to meet, discuss and make plans together for a better future for nature.


Future For Nature is a member of GlobeGuards, an alliance of small, internationally oriented nature conservation organisations.

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