Otterly Amazing

July 12, 2019

2016 FFN Award winner Thai Van Nguyen has shared with us an update on all the good work his organisation Save Vietnam’s Wildlife does. He shares with us amazing news and developments. Read some of his updates below.

After a two-month period, the rehabilitation enclosure for the otters is completed. The complex includes three enclosures. There are small hills and branches for them to climb, stream and small pool to swim. We have introduced 3 pairs of Asian small-clawed otters into 3 new enclosures. Later on, they will be released in pairs back to the wild. The enclosure was completed at the crucial time that we celebrated the World Otter Day on 29 May. We created a short video to raise people’s awareness on biggest threat to the otters currently, the pet trade, and call for their actions to not support pet trade or having one as pet.

Bringing Children and Nature Conservation Together

In May, the programme “Valuing Nature in Childhood” programme and “Protect the Wildlife We Love” programme were completed. With these two programmes, 2184 kids from 27 kindergartens and 797 students from three local elementary schools had amazing opportunities to discover nature, learn about wildlife and gain memorable experiences at Cuc Phuong National Park. Every child is a potential conservationist to value nature and protect the nature they love. This summer, our School Team will collect, analyze data and write an assessment report of “Valuing Nature in Childhood” project in three-year time and “Protect the Wildlife We Love” project in one year time.

“Every child is a potential conservationist to value nature and protect the nature they love.”

Inspiring Journalists to Contribute to Wildlife Conservation

The workshop “Behind the wildlife trade in Vietnam” was organised by People and Nature Reconciliation for over 20 reporters and journalists in Vietnam. SVW was invited to present at the workshop to help participants understand why we need to protect wildlife and the issues of wildlife farm. It inspired journalists and made them understand the importance of their jobs to support combatting illegal wildlife trade activities. This was also a great opportunity for strengthening the network between SVW and journalists to support conservation activities. We hope the knowledge we provided to the participants will help them to write and contribute to wildlife conservation and combat illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.