The Designer of the FFN Shirt Shares

September 20, 2019

Erik Vos is the designer of the new Future For Nature Shirt. Like all things, there is a story behind this design, read the blog of the designer below.

Every year I look forward to the presentation of the “Future For Nature” winners. The passion and enthusiasm of the young conservationists is contagious. Every time I leave Burgers’ Zoo, I think by myself: ” How can I use my designing skills to protect nature?” This year I had the chance: the Arnhem T-shirt label Okimono was going to produce a new shirt design in collaboration with FFN. I often make designs for Okimono with nature related topics, such as the Jane Goodall Institute Netherlands and the Save the Shark campaign.

The Shaping of the Design

Like similar projects for Okimono, this design request was shared in a closed Facebook group of designers. A fun battle sparked among designers who uploaded their sketches and commented on each other’s ideas.

I was thinking how I could capture the “protection of nature” and the “passion” in an inspiring image. I further developed the idea for a pair of arms in an embrace or embrace something for protection. I started with a tree, but found it too limiting. I couldn’t depict just one species of animal because FFN is all over the planet and protects multiple species.

The Winning Design

Eventually it formed as “a planet of animals” that are tangled together and individually stick out in the shape of a ball. It has become a successful design. And when someone wears the shirt, it is as if the arms are embraced around the shirt.

Get Yours Now!

The shirts are for sale in different colour combinations, for women and men (girls and boys). Part of the proceeds goes to the Future For Nature Foundation.

See more designs Erik and his company “Het Lab” are making: