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2025 Application Form Future For Nature Awards

Please make sure to answer all questions in English, and confirm your consent to our privacy policy at the bottom of this document. The deadline for the application is at 23:59 on August 23, 2024. On behalf of the Future For Nature Team, good luck.

  • Candidate's Details

    Please make sure to answer all questions below in English and to confirm your consent to our privacy policy. To save your application and continue later, scroll down and click "Save and Continue Later". If you submit more than one application the last one will be evaluated. The deadline for your application is on the 23rd of August 2024, at 23:59 (CEST). On behalf of the Future For Nature Board and Team, good luck!
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  • If you rather not share this information, please write ‘prefer not to say’.
  • Please include country code
  • Please upload a copy of your passport or other identification document to verify your date of birth. You may censor information in your identification document as long as your name and date of birth are visible for us to verify. Please note that if you "Save and Continue Later", your passport will not be saved and should be uploaded again before submitting your application. Do not add any other additional documentation.
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  • Have you applied for the FFN Award before? If so, in which year(s)?
  • Have you been awarded any conservation prizes before for the work you have been doing? If so, which one? Please note to only mention awards, and no grants or scholarships.
  • Why should you receive the Future For Nature Award? Outline concrete contributions you have personally made regarding species protection, including why you focused on this specific species and area. If any of your decisions in the past did not turn out as you hoped (for example in terms of project progress, envisioned impact or media attention) please mention it here as well, together with the lessons learned .
  • What are the (conservation) problems you will try to solve and how?
  • What would you do with the €50,000,- FFN prize money? How will this money make the difference for the species you want to protect?
  • Please share one or two website links of your project/organisation, information about your focal species habitat or other background information that you think is relevant.
  • Referee Statements

    Please fill in two short reference statements from two referees about you and your work. If you are among the nominees, we will ask you to provide more comprehensive reference statements by these two referees.
  • (from referee about you and your work)
  • (from referee about you and your work)
  • Please let us know how you heard about the Future For Nature Award or share any suggestions you have on how we could have reached you or your colleagues, so that we can keep improving our outreach.
  • Privacy Policy and Consent

    Please tick the boxes with which you agree.
    Please note that application forms that have been incorrectly completed, which miss the agreement to our privacy policy or that are submitted after our deadline will not be assessed.
  • Good luck and thank you!

    Team Future For Nature Foundation