Article: Protecting the Snow Leopards of Asia’s Mountains – Roundglass

October 28, 2019
Credits: Matthias Fiechter

“In the restricted field of vision of my binoculars, a rock on a small cliff ledge overlooking a deep gorge suddenly came alive. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the perfectly designed mountain predator moved and stretched her muscles with unparalleled grace in the late afternoon light.”

Eleven years after being one of the very first FFN Award winners in 2008, Charudutt Mishra is still continuing his great work on protecting snow leopards in the mountains of Asia. With only fewer than 4000 snow leopards expected to still roam these mountains, Charudutt’s work is of immense importance.

In a new article in Roundglass Sustain written by Charudutt, Protecting the Snow Leopards of Asia’s Mountains, the threats that these beautiful creatures face and Charudutt’s remarkable work to help them is highlighted.

“These are lands of extremes. Winter temperatures can dip to –40 C. Whether you are a plant or an animal, life is tough. The growing season for plants is short, barely 3-4 months in a year. The rest of the year is too cold for plant growth.”