Sharing Knowledge on Conservation in Indonesia

August 21, 2020
Credits: Chavez Cheema

Adam Miller (Award Winner 2018) and his team at Planet Indonesia have created a new online platform called the Planet Indonesia Learning Center. The aim of this platform is for everyone to have access to detailed knowledge about their valuable work and impact.

The Learning Center

This is an online platform for both partners of the initiative and for everyone interested in the important work they do in order to protect wildlife in Indonesia. On this platform they share a wide range of articles such as scientific publications, technical reports, and more. The platform currently holds 13 articles with topics ranging from nesting habits of the endangered Helmeted Hornbill bird, technical reports about overcoming barriers in conservation and their most recent article published uses a participatory impact assessment framework to evaluate their work!

(click on the infographic to enlarge the image)


Mud Crabs and Mangroves

Planet Indonesia will continue to share new information on this online platform, such as the upcoming publications on mud crabs and mangroves. So, stay tuned!