Award winner 2018
Location: Indonesia

Adam Miller

Adam Miller (Missouri, USA, 27 years old) founded Planet Indonesia in 2014 with the aim to protect Red List species and restoring ecosystem functioning in Borneo. The organisation provides community-based services in business, education and women’s healthcare and already has 13.500 individuals actively engaged in this project! Adam has launched the first community-based smart patrols and marine patrols in Gunung Niut Nature Reserve and in the marine environments of West Kalimantan.
Moreover, Adam works actively with governments and agencies to address wildlife crime. In West Borneo, the illegal wildlife trade in birds is booming and after conducting the largest geographic market study ever in Indonesia, 25.000 individuals from over 120 species were found for sale. In 2016, Planet Indonesia has confiscated 3.000 illegal songbirds in collaboration with the government. Adam has birds close to his heart, and is member of two IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) specialist groups (Asian Songbird Specialist Group and Hornbill Specialist Group).

With the Future For Nature Award, Adam plans to support the ‘bird market micro-finance program’. This program offers small loans to bird shop owners to enrol them in Planet Indonesia’s flagship entrepreneurship program to kick-start an alternative business. This enables the protection of songbirds, which are largely unprotected by Indonesian law. This model aims to close bird markets, while empowering wildlife traders to engage in alternative livelihood strategies. Moreover, Adam will expand the smart patrol teams in Gunung Niut Nature Park to protect one of the largest populations of Helmeted Hornbills. The plan is to expand into the Tauk village and create a team of 5 individuals, employing smart patrol to decrease illegal poaching of this precious bird.

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