Video: Sea Ranger Service Set Up by Wietse van der Werf

August 26, 2019
Credits: Theo Kruse

“It literally all started here.. on this stage” – Wietse van der Werf

Look at this incredible video from FFN Award 2016 winner, Wietse van der Werf who updated us about his outstanding work during the invigorating FFN Award Event of 2019! When Wietse noticed that marine protected areas are mainly protected on paper, and that globally, youth unemployment is often found in port cities, Wietse started building towards a solution with the Sea Ranger Service. With special built sailing ships, (unemployed) young people are sent to patrol marine protected areas!
This concept is so wildly succesful, that Wietse is in talks with other countries for implementation, and with even the UN for a partnership!