Vision, goal and mission


Future For Nature is about conserving species of wild animals and plants because of their importance and beauty, and because their survival is at stake. The conservation effort urgently needs a new, worldwide impetus. We need leaders that inspire and mobilize others.

There is considerable potential among young people, but they often work in isolated areas. They therefore need a platform to highlight their work, help them to find sponsors and support their joint learning with others. Future For Nature provides just such a community for young, talented and committed conservationists.

Goal and mission

The goal of the Future For Nature Foundation is the protection of species of wild animals and plants and the conservation of nature in general. Our hopes for the future lie with young conservationists. Future For Nature aims to stimulate a new generation of nature conservation leaders by providing support to new generations of wildlife heroes.

We highlight and fund their work through the annual Future For Nature Awards. Winning the Award – and even being nominated – has proved to be an incentive for sponsorships and other forms of support. In addition, we stimulate educational, fundraising and other activities centred on the work of the Award winners and nominees.