What a great event it was …

April 15, the three winners of the Future For Nature Awards 2016 received our international prize of €50,000 for their vital work.

And what a thrilling afternoon it was! An afternoon with our chairwoman and host Saba Douglas-Hamilton, making us laugh and putting everything in perspective, of course our winners, Matthew Shirley (USA), Thai Van Nguyen (Vietnam) and Wietse van der Werf (Netherlands), presenting their works and vision to the audience. The winners of last year (José F. Gonzalés -Maya, Karen Allen and Manoj Gautam) encouraged us with a video-message and last but certainly not least our Guest of Honour, Ofir Drori with a speech that made almost everybody in the audience cry, but also with the capacity to empower everybody to continue this great cause and create a forceful network of young conservationists throughout the world.

Watch here: the vibrant and beautiful Video of Future For Nature Award event 2016

And a link to the video-clip of Freek Vonk our ambassador: Watch more

Credits for the picture: Roy Borghouts