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December 2014

WE ARE WORKING ON A NEW WEBSITE, which will be launched mid January.
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Proud on our 10 Nominees!
November 2014

Have a look on our facebook page and read about the ten nominees for the Future for Nature Awards 2015! We are very proud on them; they work with so much dedication, passion and knowledge. Great!


Thank you very much for the applications!
September 2014

We received many applications from all over the world for the Future for Nature Award 2015. Thanks to everyone who put so much work and energy in it. The pre-selection starts now. Around mid-October we will inform you about the ten nominees. Be aware: all the participants who sent an application received a confirmation from Future for Nature. In case you did not, let us know! Thanks.

News from one of our FFN winners from this year, Caleb Ofori. Impressive!


Final call for candidates for the Future for Nature Award 2015!


Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton in Board of Recommendation August 2014

We are very proud to tell you that we could welcome as new members to our Board of Recommendation: Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton.

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-20 om 14.32.12Dr Jane Goodall is one of the topmost influential women in the world. She lived among chimpanzees for several decades and travels on average 300 days each year to give lectures all over the world. In 2013 she was our Guest of Honour on the Future for Nature Award event.

Iain and bull carcassDr Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who launched his study of the African elephant in the 1970s and has meanwhile grown into a world authority in this field. Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton was one of the first individuals to alert the world to the huge increase in illegal elephant hunting and poaching for ivory.

We are proud and honoured to have them both on our Board. Please, have a look at the members of our Board of Recommendation.


Great news from FFN-winners August 2014

Regularly we receive news from former FFN winners. Let’s give you two examples: Rudi Putra, one of the FFN 2013 winners, became a Goldman Environmental winner. Watch this beautiful item: Leela Hazzah, one of the winners from this year, became a CNN-hero. Watch this: Great isn’t it? It might be clear that we are very proud on them! Do you also want to apply for a Future for Nature Award because of the great work you deliver? Go to the application form and sign up right away! ——————————————————————————————————— New round is open, for the Future for Nature Awards 2015! June 2014

Are you the young, passionate conservationist? Or do you know a person like that, who deserves the Award? You can apply now for the Future for Nature Award 2015. You can send in your application form until Monday 15th of September 2014. Please don’t forget to check the criteria on this website before submitting. Here you find the application form. Good luck!



Winners FFN Award 2014RoyBorghoutsFotografie-140425-FutureForNature'14-695 30.04.2014

After their great presentations, speeches, lunch and networking, time for the last fotoshoot together: Saba Douglas-Hamilton (chair of the International Selection Committee), Bronwyn Maree (South-Africa, protects albatross), Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton our Guest of Honour, Leela Hazzah (works in Kenia with Masai to protect lions), Caleb Ofori (Ghana, protects the Togo Slippery frog). Inspiring persons!


Impression of the FFN Award event! April 2014

Please, take five minutes and have a look on this video to get an impression of the FFN Award event on Friday 25th April. It was amazing! Inspiring and touching. FFN is proud on her winners and it was an honour to have Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Saba Douglas-Hamilton with us.


Almost ready for the FFN Award event 2014! 23th of April 2014

The winners for the FFN Awards 2014, Bronwyn Maree, Caleb Ofori, Leela Hazzah, and Saba Douglas-Hamilton arrived well and safely in the Netherlands. Thursday will be used for getting to know each other and the repetition of the presentations. Thursday evening we will meet Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton. Maas Goote, executive director of IUCN NL will be the master of ceremonies of the show on Friday 25th of April.

 We are proud and happy to meet all those beautiful and inspiring people.


Freek Vonk will become the ambassador of Future for Nature

Freek spin

Biologist Dr. Freek Vonk is honoured that he can call himself ambassador of Future for Nature.

Freek Vonk: “Future for Nature wants to offer young nature conservationists an international stage and contribute to their break through. These individuals can make a profound difference to protect animals and their natural surroundings in a sustainable way. I feel connected to these people in the field and of course with the animals they work for.

I look forward to collaborate with the Future for Nature foundation. Unfortunately I won’t be attending the Future for Nature Awards on the 25th of April, I’m in Australia, but naturally you will hear from me on the 25th!”

(in Dutch) Freek Vonk wordt ambassadeur van Future For Nature Bioloog Dr. Freek Vonk is vereerd dat hij zich ambassadeur van Future For Nature mag noemen. Freek Vonk: “Future For Nature wil jonge natuurbeschermers een internationaal podium bieden en meewerken aan hun doorbraak. Deze individuen kunnen het verschil maken om dieren en hun natuurlijk leefomgeving goed en duurzaam te beschermen. Ik voel me verbonden met deze mensen in het veld en natuurlijk met de dieren waar zij zich voor inzetten. Ik kijk uit naar de samenwerking met de Future for Nature foundation.  Helaas ben ik niet bij de uitreiking van de Future for Nature Awards op 25 april, ik zit in Australië, maar uiteraard laat ik wel van mij horen de 25e!” ——————————————————————————————————— More about the FFN 2014 Nominees 4th of April 2014 Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh Of course you could read more about the work of the FFN 2014 nominees on But, please, also take some time to have a look on the website from two of them: Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh, from Nigeria: her work focused on improving the conservation of the endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee.       Laurens de Groot from the Netherlands: de Groot About his foundation: “Our Foundation’s principals are rooted in the fundamental need to protect the people, endangered species and ecologically vital habitats of this amazing planet. Our primary mission is to utilise UAS to achieve our goals”.     ——————————————————————————————————— Jane Goodall and Iain Douglas-Hamilton: STOP ivory trade 26th of March 2014 Last year Dr. Jane Good all was our Guest of Honour at the FFN Award event. This year Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton will be our special guest. Please, have a look on this video; watch them together with a clear message to the world: stop ivory trade and stop killing the elephants. ——————————————————————————————————— Zoe Muller, nominee for FFN Award 2013 AND FFN Award 2014! What will bring 2015? 11.03.2014 Zoe Muller photo Read about her work: she turned her frustration about lack of action into the establishment of the GRCT. Great! “With fewer than 1,100 individuals remaining in the wild, and in only thirteen populations (eleven in Kenya and two in Uganda) the Rothschild’s giraffe is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List and is already extinct in Sudan.  With no conservation plans in place, and no research taking place, I became frustrated by the lack of action and so in 2010 I moved to Kenya to set up the Rothschild’s Giraffe Project. This is the first fully comprehensive scientific study ever carried out on the Rothschild’s giraffe. In the past four years I have been collecting behavioural and ecological data on this Endangered subspecies which has contributed to a National Giraffe Conservation Strategy for Kenya. An iconic and easily recognized species, the giraffe is an excellent ambassador for conservation. Giraffe conservation requires the preservation of large tracts of habitat, which in turn also protects hundreds of other mammal, bird and insect species. Local communities accept giraffe readily as they do not compete with livestock or interfere with crops, thus increasing the likelihood that residents will be supportive of conservation measures targeting giraffe. By conserving giraffe, therefore, we protect one of Africa’s most iconic species, along with exceptional levels of biodiversity. In 2013, I established the Giraffe Research & Conservation Trust (GRCT) to develop the work into a long-term project, and to help facilitate other giraffe conservation activities throughout East Africa”. ——————————————————————————————————— Tulsi Subedi, one of the FFN 2014 nominees 04.03.2014 This week we will present you Tulsi Subedi, one of the nominees for the FFN Award 2014. Read about his effort to protect the vultures: Tulsi Subedi“Five out of nine species of vulture recorded in Nepal are listed as globally endangered due to their rapid decline in the last two decades. The veterinary use of the drug Diclofenac in livestock is now widely accepted as the main cause behind this dramatic decline: as livestock carcass is the main source of vulture food in Nepal. Since 2006; Nepal government has banned the production and use of veterinary Diclofenac however the illegal use of human Diclofenac for livestock treatment is still the biggest cause of vulture mortality. Vultures are helping local communities by cleaning the carcasses of domestic cattle in a natural way, reducing the time, resources and workload to do so manually. If the vultures were not there, this would create problems for the cleaning of livestock carcasses and increase the risk of outbreak of diseases like rabies, anthrax, cholera and brucellosis. Read more about Tulsi on our facebookpage!so affect the tradition of Tibetan Lama in northern Nepal and Parsi in India to dispose of dead human bodies. Therefore, it is very important to conserve vulture species.”   ——————————————————————————————————— We present one of our nominees: Katy Williams 26.02.2014 In the next couple of weeks, we will present you the seven nominees and three winners of the FFN Award 2014, one by one. Now you could read more about one of the nominees: Katy Williams. Katy Williams photo “I am investigating relationships between humans and large predators by employing both biological and social science methods. The results of this research will be used to suggest solutions to human-wildlife conflict. One of my goals is to determine whether the way researchers communicate with local people can improve perceptions of and interactions with animals. My research asks whether presenting animals as individuals can engender sympathy for and improve knowledge at a species level. If this is the case, it will be a very cost-effective and simple conservation tool that could be employed globally to improve attitudes towards endangered species and initiate dialogues. This innovative interdisciplinary approach to conservation has been essential in my work on large African carnivores such as leopards and brown hyenas.” Read more about Katy and her work on our facebookpage. And have a look on: Blog: Facebook: And follow Katy on twitter @PrimatePredator       ——————————————————————————————————— Trade ban for 10 years 19.02.2014 Olifan liggend (Ike Leonard) - verkleind You probably read it already in the newspapers but we would like to stress upon it as well: there will become a new trade ban on ivory trade for ten years. 50 different countries and 11 UN-organisations made this appointment at the conference in London, last week. For your information: the market value of trade in (products of) wild animals is 10 billion dollars yearly, a very attractive and profitable business…. Watch this picture and you realise that we have to stop this trade, for ever.         ——————————————————————————————————— Future for Nature Award event: 25th of April 12.02.2014 We are happy to inform you about the date of the Future for Nature Awards event and about our Guest of Honour. On Friday 25th Elephant family in Samburu of April the three winners, Bronwyn Maree, Caleb Ofori and Leela Hazzah will inspire the audience with a presentation about their conservation work. Location for the event is the wonderful Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands. Mr Iain Dou glas-Hamilton will be our Guest of Honour and besides a speech about the beauty and importance of nature for human beings he will also handover the price and Award to the winners. Mr Iain Douglas-Hamilton is an authority on the African elephant. He started in the seventies with in-depth scientific studies of elephants’ social behaviour. He was also the first who sounded the alarm bells about the ivory poaching. It is a great pleasure and honour to meet him in the Netherlands. The invitations for the Future for Nature Award event will be send in the first week of March. Would you like to be there as well? Please, send an email via our contactpage   ——————————————————————————————————— Frog Blog 05.02.2014 Do you know Frog Blog from Save the Frogs? Read their blog where they write about Caleb Ofori, their Board Member and one of the Future for Nature Award winners of this year. Please, take some time to explore their website with a lot of interesting facts and news about frogs! ——————————————————————————————————— Update from the field – Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative 15.01.2014 01 Recapture KarinPatrícia Medici (winner 2008) is working with the lowland tapir in Brazil for the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute for Ecological Research). Patrícia and her team carried out their last field expedition of 2013 in December. Together with specialists, the Giant Armadillo Project team and their kids they had to hire a third truck to be able to drive everyone to Baía das Pedras. The December 2013 expedition was not the most successful they had in terms of tapir captures. This time the tapirs won big time! They had only two recaptures and one capture of a new individual. They recaptured an adult female named Karin Schwartz (her sixth capture) and the first capture of a male named Rick Barong! The radio-collars of both Karin and Rick were perfect. They only checked them and let them go. Next to that, their camera-trapping was very successful and they also did quite a bit of radio-tracking. They have huge plans for 2014 and will keep us posted. Patrícia also wanted to thank the entire staff of the Columbus Zoo who gave a charitable contribution and everybody else for their amazing support in 2013! ‘I am pretty sure I will never, ever have enough words to articulate how grateful I am!’ ‘Big hugs from Campo Grande’ Patrícia is chair of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG). You can follow her you tube channel to learn more about the Tapir in Brazil. ——————————————————————————————————— Winners FFN award 2014 7.01.2014 Leela-Hazzah_Lion-GuardiansBronwyn Maree image 1Caleb Ofor Boateng The moment we have all been waiting for: three fantastic winners for the FFN Award 2014 have been chosen! The people of the International Selection Committee were all in line and the board of FFN has agreed upon three winners. The three winners are: Leela Hazzah, Bronwyn Maree and Caleb Ofori. The seven other nominees were informed about the decision of the board. FFN wants to give a warm thank you to these nominees for their hard work and wishes them all the best with their beautiful and valuable projects.   ——————————————————————————————————— Update from the field – Arrest of 8 people at an ivory crackdown in Congo 05.12.2013Guinea arrest One of the Congo arrests News from Ofir Drori (winner 2011) with a successful story from Congo and Guinea! There were 4 ivory operations in Brazzaville (Congo) this week and the EAGLE network (with Naf’s PALF) arrested a phenomenal 8 people at an ivory crackdown in Congo. This arrest ended with stopping a plane from taking off to get a Chinese national arrested who attempted to board the Ethiopian Airlines flight with ivory jewelry after bribing 60.000 FCFA (About 125 USD) to get it through via a fixer. The next step is to prosecute these criminals and put them into jail, so the hard work of all of the organizations involved was not for nothing. Next to that, Charlotte’s GALF team outsmarted an overly cautious big ivory trafficker in Guinea just a few days ago. Their investigation has allowed them to understand the new modus operandi used by ivory dealers in Guinea to avoid arrests and confiscations of ivory. Together with the help of other teams and organizations they have succeeded to make the arrest! They are very thankful and proud. ——————————————————————————————————— Applications FFN Award 2014 7.11.2013 The 10 nominees for the FFN Award 2014 have all finalized their applications before the 1st of november including the required additions, well done! We have ordered all the information and recently sent it to the International Selection Committee. After all of the hard work of the nominees it is now time for the members of the ISC to perform the special task of reading everything carefully and giving points on the base of various criteria. This committee will use the entire month of november to do this. ——————————————————————————————————— Update from the fieldLowland Tapir Conservation Initiative October 2013 Patrícia Medici (winner 2008) is still working with the lowland tapir in Brazil for the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, IPÊ - Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (Institute for Ecological Research).  She is also a chair of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG).  You can follow her You Tube channel to learn more about the tapir in Brazil. 08 Capture Rita She recently sent us an update of a 2-week expedition where they had eight capture/recapture events! Four tapirs were recaptured and released. All of them were monitored through telemetry for 2-3 years generating tons of data. They continue to be closely monitored through camera-trap photos and videos as well as regular recaptures. Every once and a while they anesthetize and manipulate them for health checks but they have no plans to give them new collars. Patrícia went on this expedition to the Pantanal with a team consisting of herself, a field assistant ZéPS (José Maria), veterinarian Renata Santos and their darting specialist Gabriel Dmasceno. The main objective of this expedition was to capture and radio-collar (GPS telemetry) as many new individuals as possible, to recapture Nelson Chester who had been monitored for the last two years and needed to have his collar removed, and to collect more tissue samples for their genetics study. During this expedition they reached a total of 3,00017 Capture Sergiao camera-trap records since 2011 and the amount of data and information on social organization and reproduction they are generating is absolutely incredible!  They have purchased seven new camera-traps and their grid of cameras in the field is now covering a huge area. To read more about this and other expeditions, you can follow Patrícia and her team on facebook. At the moment Patrícia and her team are following the development and social interactions through camera-traps of several females with offspring. They cannot wait to for them to be fully grown so that they can radio-collar and monitor this new generation of tapirs at Baía das Pedras. They are starting with a conversation with Telonics USA about the possibility of developing expandable collars or drop-off systems that could allow us to radio-collar these younger tapirs safely. They are currently interested in tapir social organization and Patrícia would love to be able to study their spatial ecology. Our My Friend is a Tapir educational campaign in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Zoos. This campaign is going really well! They have over 30 Brazilian zoos involved, covering seven Brazilian states – which is huge!  Different zoos are running different activities, creating a multitude of fantastic educational materials, and the Brazilian media in different regions is picking up on the story! They have BIG PLANS for early 2014… Stay tuned! Patrícia is currently in Mexico attending the annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. Patrícia also wanted to thank everybody for their continuous support! ——————————————————————————————————— Progress in the conservation of the Asiatic cheetah in Iran 17-10-2013 Iranian Cheetah 17_10_2013 Mohammad Farhadinia (winner 2009) is still actively promoting the conservation of Asiatic cheetah in Iran. His organization – the Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) – initiated a comprehensive monitoring program in partnership with Iran’s Department of Environment, Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project and Panthera to understand demographic characteristics of the cheetahs in Iran between 2011 and 2013. Thanks to various donors and partners, the monitoring program (with the use of camera traps) was recently initiated to fill the gap in knowledge which is essential for improving protection. Presently the cheetahs confirmed from 17 reserves across the country, all within the eastern region of Iran. Iran is home to the last known population of Asiatic cheetah which once roamed across vast ranges of west and south Asian countries. On the 5th of October 2013 Tehran will host the National Conference of Iranian Cheetah, organized by the ICS and Iran DoE. ——————————————————————————————————— Free the Bears opens new classroom 4-10-2013 Cambodian kids playing animal-themed games in the Bear Den Free the Bears, the organisation Chuon Vuthy (winner 2012) is part of, has opened a brand new classroom ‘The Bear Den’ at their Cambodian sanctuary. Kids can learn here all about the bears and other Cambodian wildlife. The classroom is powered entirely by solar energy, making it friendly for the whole environment. Colouring competition_11_10_2013 ——————————————————————————————————— Future for Nature received a gift of 1.000 euro! 21-9-2013 FBN Last week Future for Nature received a cheque of 1.000 euro from FB Ned,  the association of Dutch family companies.               ——————————————————————————————————— 126 candidates for the Future for Nature Award 2014 17-9-2013 We would like to say a big thank you to the 126 candidates who sent us their application for the Future for Nature Award 2014. This year the candidates come from 58 different countries. Last year 98 passionate, young nature conservationists participated in the Future for Nature contest and this year even more! Thank you for your work. The closing date for the applications was 8th September. Now the work starts for the Board of the Future for Nature Foundation and the International Future for Nature Award Selection Committee. They will review the applications and select ten nominees for the Award. After this first selection the ten nominees are asked to provide further information about their performance and projects. With that information three winners will be selected and invited to come over to the Netherlands in April 2014 to give a presentation about their work and to receive the Future for Nature Award and price. The participants will hear more about the results around mid October 2013. Thanks to everyone once again for the applications. ——————————————————————————————————— Rudi Putra reactivates research station 26-8-2013 Rudi New  boat Rudi Putra (FFN winner 2013) and his team are working on reactivating a research station in the Aceh Tenggara district. In 2011 this station was set on fire by criminals and there has been no activity ever since. Rudi and his team bought a new boat and now they can cross the river to get to the research station and build it up again. And Rudi has more good news: In the beginning of August they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Aceh Government to continue rhino and wildlife patrol in the whole Aceh forest.       ——————————————————————————————————— Lion trafficking arrest 6-8-2013 Ofir Drori (FFN winner 2011) and his team from LAGA – Wild Life Enforcement successfully arrested a trafficker with a lion’s skin. This arrest is quite significant because there are only a few dozens of lions left in Cameroon. In Waza Park that was known for its lions in the past, there are now not more than 13 lions. Some estimates indicate a drop of around 93% in Africa’s lion population in the past three decades. Lions have disappeared from 80% of their historic range and are extinct in 26 countries. These data shows how important the work of Ofir and his team is. ——————————————————————————————————— Snare detection by ‘Green Dogs’ 29-7-2013 Carline van Vliet (one of the FFN nominees in 2013) and Green Dogs started a new snare detection project in South Luangwa, Zambia. They were invited by Working Dogs for Conservation and the South Luangwa Conservation Society to try and see if snare detection dogs can help anti-poaching teams to find and remove more snares more effectively. In the first week, Carline van Vliet trained her dogs on possible scenarios involving snare detection in an environment that is used by Elephants, Buffalo, Hippos and many more. During the other weeks, the team and the dogs went out with Rachel McRobb’s (SLCS) patrol teams to search for snares. They removed a large number of snares. ‘Green Dogs’ is the first one to actually try and see if dogs can detect snares. “We are confident that there is a place for dogs in snare detection so we can support rangers to remove snares even more efficiently and fewer animals will become victims.” ——————————————————————————————————— Educational campaign from former FFN winner adopted by Brazilian zoos 22-7-2013 The educational campaign ‘My Friend is a Tapir’, from the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, is adopted by the Brazilian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (SZB). The adoption of the My Friend is a Tapir campaign aims at encouraging Brazilian zoos to include tapir conservation issues into their educational programs, distributing campaign brochures previously designed and edited by Patrícia Medici (FFN winner 2008) and environmental journalist Liana John, discussing these issues with their public, making campaign materials available through their websites and social media profiles. “Brazilian zoos receive approximately 20 million visitors per year and have, therefore, huge potential to disseminate conservation messages! We are extremely happy with this new partnership and we could not be more grateful for this amazing support provided by SZB!”, says Patricia. ——————————————————————————————————— The first applications FFN Award 2014 are received 8-7-2013 We received the first application forms for the Future for Nature Award 2014! Are you a young (under 35) nature conservationist and do you want to win €50.000,-? Apply now for the Future for Nature Award. Do you know a young talented nature conservationist? Third parties may propose a candidate for nomination using the same online application form. To participate in this contest you have to submit your application on or before September 8th 2013. You can find more information and the application form here. ——————————————————————————————————— MPC makes Conservation Action Plan 1-7-2013 The Conversation Action Plan from MPC (Moroccan Primate Conservation) is ready to be implemented. In October 2011 MPC organised a meeting with the Moroccan High Commissary of Water and Forests to create this long needed plan for the Barbary macaque in Morocco. Now, the plan is an official governmental document in Morocco and the authorities have already actively started to work within the framework of the plan. Els van Lavieren (FFN winner 2010) is one of the founders of MPC and she is very proud of this achievement. ——————————————————————————————————— Patricia Medici new member International Selection Committee 25-6-2013 We are very proud to announce that Patricia Medici joins our International Selection Committee. In 2008 Patricia was one of the first winners of the Future for Nature Award. She won the prize for her outstanding conservation work on the tapir in the Pantanal in Brazil. Since then she continued her work for the Tapir in Brazil and established the Lowland Conservation Initiative. We are very happy to have her in our International Selection Committee. ——————————————————————————————————— Resisting bribes and sex temptations 18-06-2013 The difficult life and work of true conservationists in Central Africa. Ofir Drori (FFN winner 2011) sent us a message from one of his conservation partners in Congo. This message gives us an idea what it is like to protect wildlife in Central Africa: “After the arrests and imprisonment of illegal loggers together with the corrupt local forestry official of Mitzic we are back for more arrests in the same area. From the beginning of the year, the new model for Forest Law Enforcement, ALEFI, targeted 7 companies, including 3 Chinese ones. 23 forest criminals have been arrested many of them are senior managers and foreigners. 9 are still behind bars till now. The fresh arrests in Ndjole target 3 Chinese companies and include the Chinese head of a company. ….The three companies started a coordinated effort of trying to buy out our jurist and head of our legal department. They first proposed 10,000 USD, he resisted and documented the attempts. Then they thought raising the price will get him to abandon his activism and proposed 14,000 USD. Our jurist resisted and fought back when the criminals came again proposing 30,000 USD! If that wasn’t enough for a crazy weekend and a test to the clash between activism and greed, a Chinese translator of another company tried to offer sex to our jurist to get the big boss released from prison. The exemplary resistance to bribes and sex temptations of our legal department makes us proud and shows the value of fostering activism. Our jurist is an award winning aspiring author, a talented and courageous guy.” ——————————————————————————————————— Apply now for the Future for Nature Award 2014! 04-06-2013 The new round for the Future for Nature Award 2014 is open now! We would like to invite you to apply for the Future for Nature Award 2014. To participate in this contest you have to submit your application on or before September 8th 2013. Please be aware that you your age is one of the criteria; you may not be older then 35 years on 30th April 2014. You can find more information and the application form here. ——————————————————————————————————— Speech Prince William 29-05-2013 Future for Nature was asked for giving input for making a film for The Royal Foundation to support the Duke of Cambridge’s speech from Prince William. The film was part of his speech on a wildlife trade conference. Prince William was stressing the importance of young local conservationists and we have provided some wonderful footage of Samia and her work with tigers. Watch the film here. ——————————————————————————————————— Cheetahs in NE Iran 21-05-2013 Mohammad Farhadinia (FFN winner of 2009) shared fantastic news with us. A large group of cheetahs have been spotted again in NE Iran, not far from Turkmenistan border. A large family of Asiatic cheetahs has been photo-trapped. During an ongoing intensive monitoring of the cheetahs by means of camera traps in Miandasht Wildlife Refuge, the group was photographed, composing of an adult female “mom with three young adolescents. At least two adolescents are male, the third needs more investigation. The animals were recorded on several occasions while coming to water sources to drink. Read the whole story here. ——————————————————————————————————— Movie FFN Awards 2013 released 13-05-2013 The movie about the Future for Nature Awards 2013 is released last week. Take a look and enjoy the Future for Nature Awards 2013 one more time! Curious about our winners? Watch these interviews! Samia Saif Rudi Putra Lucy King Jane Goodall Saba Douglas-Hamilton ——————————————————————————————————— Become a friend of Future for Nature 06-05-2013 Do you want to help young nature conservationists? Become a friend of Future for Nature and help us to continue our work in the future. With your help we will be able to set up a learning network for young conservationists and we will be able to reward more young nature conservationists and support the good work they are doing. ——————————————————————————————————— Research for FFN 26-04-2013 Two teams of students from the Wageningen University (WUR) presented their results from the research they did for FFN today. One group did research on trend analyses in nature conservation. The other group did research on possibilities for learning networks for the group of nature conservationists.  Results will be published soon. ——————————————————————————————————— Eight continuously patrol teams in Leuser, Indonesia 15-04-2013 Rudi Putra (FFN winner 2013) protects the Sumatran rhino in the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia. Thanks to the 50.000 euro’s he won during the FFN Awards 2013, he has been able to maintain eight patrol teams in the Leuser Ecosystem. The teams protect the Sumatran rhino and his habitat. “It is really amazing for me, when I see the teams work well and continuously. Thanks FFN”, said Rudi in an email. ——————————————————————————————————— Malapascua Arts-Science Festival in the Philippines 10-04-2013 Anna Oposa (FFN winner 2012) organised together with her organisation Save Philippine Seas (SPS) the Malapascua Arts-Science Festival from 8-11 April. The Festival brought together over 100 students, 10 youth volunteers, and 21 teachers to celebrate the marine environment through creative forms of learning. During the Festival the students had games and activities on marine-related concepts like the ecosystem, food chain and the marine protected areas instead of regular lectures. In three months, SPS will return to Malapascua for monitoring and evaluation the activities. SPS has also begun mobilizing resources for the Arts-Science Festival ’14. ——————————————————————————————————— FFN congratulates Burgers’ Zoo! 30-03-2013 Burgers’ Zoo, our main sponsor, celebrates her 100th anniversary. Today, a 100 years ago this fabulous zoo opened her doors for the very first time. Congratulations Burgers’ Zoo! ——————————————————————————————————— Application process FFN Award 2014 14-03-2013 Do you want to apply for the Future for Nature Award 2014? More information about the application process will be available from June 2013 on this website. ——————————————————————————————————— FFN Award event 2013 huge success 22-02-2013 Three talented young nature conservationists, Samia Saif (Bangladesh), Rudi H. Putra (Indonesia) and Lucy King (Kenya), received the Future for Nature Award 2013 in Burgers’ Zoo, the Netherlands, on Friday 22 February. They received the Award from our guest of honour Dr. Jane Goodall. Goodall also gave an inspiring speech for more than 500 visitors. It was a very successful event and we are looking forward to receiving three new winners for the Future for Nature Award 2014. We will open the new round in June.