Award Event 2015

March 1, 2015
Credits: Roy Borghouts

What an amazing winners we had, again, for the Future For Nature Awards 2015 on the 27th of February: Manoj Gautam from Nepal, José F. González-Mayafrom Costa Rica and Karen Allen from South-Africa. They presented their work and inspired the audience. Professor David Macdonalds, our Guest of Honour, and Dr Freek Vonk, our ambassador, handed over the awards. Of course the chair of the International Selection Committee, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, was present as well. “The young people that you are about to meet today are the perfect embodiment of hope for the future of nature. Like fresh green shoots in a scorched landscape”, said Saba in her fabulous introduction. Please, have a look on the pictures to get an impression of the amazing Future For Nature Award 2015 show and the photo-shoot with the winners feeding the manatees!