Credits: Longimanus Tauchen
Award winner 2015
Location: Mozambique

Karen Allen

Vision and Approach

The Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (BANP) is home to East Africa’s last remaining visible dugong population. Their most significant threat the illegal grill netting industry, as dugongs get entangled as bycatch and drown. In 2010, Karen saw the need for a management plan for BANP’s dugong and developed the Dugong Emergency Protection Project, which has become a model for Mozambique’s marine protected areas. Karen introduced joint marine-aerial surveillance operations in BANP and developed an effective law enforcement team and trained the Park’s 24 law enforcement officers in advanced conservation strategies, which made a significant dent in poaching activities!


“I feel extremely rewarded when I can see growth within my team of law enforcement officers. It has been the greatest pleasure and privilege to watch their skills improve over the last four years and to see them grasp new conservation concepts and apply them well.”
Karen Allen

Impact of the Future For Nature Award

  • The financial support of the Future For Nature Awards has helped Karen sustain law enforcement work that has to be done to sustain BANP to safeguard its dugongs.
  • Being recognised internationally by the Future For Nature Awards has had a stounding impact on Karen’s career. She became manager of BANP in the partnership between the government and African Parks Foundation, a dream she had for many years.
"Karen has demonstrated clear dedication and courage in her chosen crusade and seems to be well integrated into local conservation efforts. Demonstration of sustained livelihood for local fisherman in the context of an important marine reserve and a highly vulnerable flagship species is an important model deserving much support and recognition."
Mr. John MacKinnon, International Selection Commitee